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Ernst Theis

Majestic sounds at the Concert Hall (review)

[...] Ernst Theis motivated the musicians for sensibility and details [...]

[...] The Austrian conductor found a way to create elegance and homogeneity during the whole concert [...]

[...] The "Seven Last Songs" by Alban Berg, composed in a clear late romantic style, were ideally presented: subtle, contrastive gradations of the musical spectrum and sensations [...]

Reviews only in German available: PDF Kleine Zeitung 15. Juni 2012, Helmut Christian (240.3 KBytes).

Ernst Theis: I have to criticize myself - I didn't know this orchestra before I was invited to the Wörthersee Classics Festival. What I met in Kazan was an orchestra of high motivation, sensibility and and a motivated and competent chief conductor Alexander Sladkowsky. It want to articulate my appreciation to the directors of the Wörthersee Classics Festival Elena Denisova and Alexei Kornienko.

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Alexander Sladkowski, Chefdirigent // Elena Denisova und Alexei Kornienko

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Die Partnerin von Ernst Theis bei den Berg-Liedern war das Ensemblemitglied der Wiener Staatoper, Lydia Rathkolb (

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Tatarstan National Symphony Orchestra, Kazan